The artistic research project focuses on possibilities to capture and represent the experience of being inside the Yunnan Garden on NTU’s campus in Jurong West, with immersive media.
As PI of the project, Elke Reinhuber collaborates with Assoc.-Prof. Benjamin Seide (Special Effects FX), Asst.-Prof. Ross A. Williams (Sound Design) and Mr. Volker Kuchelmeister (Technical Director EpiCentre UNSW Sydney).
Besides our research, the project provides opportunities for students to participate and acquire new techniques (workstudy or undergraduate research projects URECA). In our first presented outcome, Secret Detours, we engaged students from LaSalle under the supervision and choreography of Ms. Susan Sentler.

Although the 360° video gives an impression of being inside the garden, it is still a very static experience. Therefore we developped a room scale model for VR that provides access to the garden in virtual space, based on the floor plan and the photogrammetric recording of details.
Considering the respective iterations, the perception of the work and with it the experience differs hugely, depending on the particular presentation technique: whether the work is collectively viewed in a hemispherical dome, a cylindrical panorama, on a panoramic video wall, or with a range of different VR headsets.
As the technology of spherical recording and presentation is still very much in flux, due to the rapid developments and along with improvements by the industry. There are a number of aspects to further explore, in particular the connection of virtual representations in the real environment through mixed reality.

Dr. Elke Reinhuber
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The project is kindly supported by MOE and ADM / NTU Singapore