The 360° video »Secret Detours« served as an immediate approach to digitally preserve a Chinese garden in Singapore. Currently, my collaborators Benjamin Seide, Ross Wiliams and myself have developed a range of different versions in order to explore the screening possibilities and have adjusted both, the visual composition and the sound design accordingly.
»Secret Detours« was captured in a Chinese garden in Singapore, which opened in 1956 – quite old for the 53-year-old city-state. The garden is undergoing massive redevelopment, several old trees have been cut down, bridges and pavilions have been removed. Since it was important to act quickly, the garden was filmed as a spherical 360° video, not only for artistic but also for conservation purposes. Four dancers acted out a choreography by Susan Sentler to represent the cardinal directions of Chinese mythology, after which the garden was initially conceived.

Visions of East Asian mythology materialise in a decidedly modern metropolis, a place without a past – two worlds collide. Secret Detours engages the audience with over-whelming vistas in a full spherical presentation, encompassing the viewers from all angles.
The movie short is set within a lush tropical garden, adapted from the great traditions of Chinese landscaping – Yunnan Garden in the West of Singapore. Four dancers, ressed in the colours of the cardinal directions, examine the spaces, the paths and the detours of the green scenery.
The spherical video relates to the experience of being surrounded by mythological creatures and their traces inside the garden. As the beautiful layout of the grounds is composed from a range of intersections with multiple meandering paths to choose from, the omnidirectional video invites similarly to explore the atmosphere between an exquisite selection of trees, shrubs, bushes and pieces of architecture.
Secret Detours has been showcased on several occasions: international fllm-festival, exhibition venues and a range of display formats. The outcome of the artistic research, in particular the experience with a wide range of presentation formats, lead to papers which were presented at international conferences.

Exhibitions and Screenings:

Event: Official Selection of FICMA
Venue: FICMA ( Festival Internacional de cine con medios alternativos), Mexico City
Date: November 21-24, 2018

Event: V&A Digital Futures
Venue : Victoria and Albert Museum in connection to EVA conference
Date : July 12, 2018

Event: [C]Screen Festival Screendance
Venue: Museu d'Art de Cerdanyola, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain
Date : May 5, 2018

Event: WAMMTU Fest
Venue: Electronic Media and Film Department at Towson University
Date : February 23-24, 2018

Event: Visualisation Matters 2017
Venue: EPICylinder, UNSW Art&Design, Sydney, Australia
Date : November 21-22, 2017

Event: On/Off 100101010
Venue: Media Art Nexus video-wall. NTU Northspine
Date : October 11-27, 2017

Date: September 21-24, 2017

Event: 3D Moving Images Festival
Venue: Grote or Lebuïnus Church, Grote Kerkhof 42, Deventer, Netherlands
Date : September 4-24, 2017

Event: Beyond Festival, Future Design
Venue : PanoramaLab at ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany
Date : October 3-7, 2018

Publications and presentations:
Author(s): Elke Reinhuber, Benjamin Seide, Ross Williams
Title of Article: The Scale of Immersion: Different audio-visual experiences exemplified by the 360° video Secret Detours
Conference Name: EVA London (Electronic Visualisation of the Arts)
Organiser / Publisher: BCS British Computer Society London
Country / State : United Kingdom
Date : July 9-13, 2018

Author(s): Elke Reinhuber, Benjamin Seide, Ross Williams
Title of Article: Secret Detours: A Garden in Singapore
Conference Name: IEEE VR Reutlingen 2018
Abstract Page No.: In Press
Organiser / Publisher: IEEE Explore
Country / State : Germany
Date : March 19-22, 2018

Author(s): Elke Reinhuber
Title of Article: Immersive architectural representations in Media Art - from 2D to 3D, from 360° video to VR
Conference Name: Digital Conversations: New Technologies
Organiser / Publisher: NHB National Museum Singapore
Country / State : Singapore
Date : January 25, 2018

Author(s): Benjamin Seide
Title of Article: Layers of Meaning: Exploring artistic impressions and imperfect realism in Virtual Reality
Conference Name: 4th Global Summit and Expo on Multimedia & Artificial Intelligence
Abstract Page No.: Not yet published
Organiser / Publisher: Conference Series
Country / State : Italy / Rome
Date : July 19-21, 2018

Author(s): Benjamin Seide
Title of Article: Layers of Meaning: Exploring artistic impressions and photorealistic representations in Virtual Reality
Conference Name: SAS Symposium 2018: Animation and Philosophy
Organiser / Publisher: SAS Society of Animation Studies
Country / State : Germany / Stuttgart
Date : April 25, 2018

Author(s): Elke Reinhuber, Benjamin Seide, Ross Williams
Title of Article: Be the centre of the universe – strategies and concepts to experience immersive media.
Conference Name: Beyond symposium and festival
Abstract Page No.: N/A
Organiser / Publisher: ZKM Centre for Art, Design and Media
Country / State: Germany / Karlsruhe
Date : October 04, 2018


Director: Elke Reinhuber
Producer: Elke Reinhuber, Benjamin Seide, Ross Williams
Sound Design: Ross Williams
Choreographie: Susan Sentler
Azure Dragon: Chua Pei Yun
White Tiger: Tan Ling, Lynn
Vermillion Bird: Tan Zi Wen Vasantha
Black Turtle: Valerie Lim
Camera: Hiverlab
The production of the work was kindly supported by NTU
Singapore and the Ministry of Education Singapore.