Room scale VR experience, 2020
By Elke Reinhuber, Benjamin Seide and Ross Williams

Connected to Elke Reinhuber's earlier research on choice and decision making, the forking path structure of the garden was turned into an oracle contraption, based on the legendary iChing, the Book of Changes. After posing a question at the entrance of the garden, each intersection invites to throw three coins which generate subsequently, when having strolled to six crossroads, a hexagram and a final reading, an enigmatic answer to the query at the main pavilion. Different to speedy gamification and the pace of jump-and-run games, the Virtual Reality application invites to ponder, reflect and appreciate the green reconstruction of the vanished trees.

Screengrab from the VR Garden

Screengrab from the VR Garden

The 3D models were subsequently 3D printed